Enigmatica is high-quality, high-performance, rechargeable, wired/wireless, powerbank, RGB lit gaming mechanical keyboard that is affordable, functional, and robust.  Coming with Bluetooth, USB Type-C, Audio and USB Pass-Through, this is a complete keyboard that is functional and versatile.


Connect via Bluetooth


Access your flash storage with high-speed USB 3.0 Hub

USB Type C

Connect to your PC through any of the 3(!) SuperSpeed USB Type-C Ports


Access your flash storage with high-speed USB 3.0 Hub

Power Bank 

With a 6,000 maH battery, Enigmatica has plenty of juice not just for itself, but also for your phone. Simply plug in your cable into Enigmatica and just like that your phone is charged once again!


Connect your mouse and other accessories through 2 USB 3.0 ports

Redesigned layout

We worked hard to design a layout that can answer the demands of the modern age—speed, mobility, reliability, durability. Nowadays, most keyboards are surprisingly similar in size, shape and layout, with absolutely zero innovation and no desire to think outside the box. And meanwhile, some of the keys have become redundant, while others have risen to prominence. To reflect these changes, we have come up with a new layout that is more indicative of this transition. By increasing the factual size of key buttons, relegating lesser used keys to a raised panel, and working on a shape more comfortable for a variety of tasks, we have made Enigmatica the most disruptive keyboard in years.


Enigmatica gives you the confidence to be quick in every move, without worrying about missed strokes.


Enigmatica is a keyboard that will serve you a long time. With a metal body, 50 million actuations, and incredible build quality, this keyboard is made to last.


Our keys are engineered so you know which key you press every time, all the time.


More than a KEYBOARD
Enigmatica has a high-speed USB Hub with 3 USB Type-C Ports for connecting to your PC. You can choose any of the three ports—all of them work, giving you more options for cable management and convenience. We also added 2 USB 3.0 ports for connecting accessories and a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and a microphone.

Control Pad

 Control pad expands the reach of control you have over your work. A separate pad for smaller keys, it signifies the importance of media control, RGB control, and some of the other keys which are often present, but not used. It also allows Enigmatica to have more than keys than the standard 87-key layout.


Enigmatica is one of the most premium keyboards on the market, as seen by the quality of the materials used in the construction of the keyboard, starting with the metal body, which makes the whole structure more durable and robust. The keycaps are made out of high-quality plastic for better feel and longevity and the switches we use are the famed Cherry MX switches—the most reputable switches on the market, known for their quality and reliability. With 50 million actuations, these switches and the keyboard will last you a very long time

Cherry MX mechanical switches

Enigmatica is equipped with Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Red Switches. Cherry is the company that makes the most trusted and reliable mechanical switches-and this is why they were chosen. MX Red is the gamers' preferred choice because of their speed and responsiveness, while MX Blue is the most recognizable mechanical switch in the world, renowned for its feel and trademark "click".


45 cN
2 mm actuation
4 mm travel


50 cN
2 mm actuation
4 mm travel
"Clicky", "Tactile"

High Performance Gaming

Fewer Mistakes

With Enigmatica we wanted to make sure that you press the key you want, when you want, all the time. The most common missed keystrokes for gamers and typists are with the Caps Lock and Windows keys. Oftentimes they are positioned poorly, and in the case of Caps Lock, are unnecessarily large. Well, with Enigmatica SAFE ZONE, you can be sure that you fingers will be hitting the exact keys you want to hit, especially in gaming, where WASD keys are predominant and missing keystrokes is the difference between winning in losing. By making the space between letters and those important modifier keys larger, we have minimized the extent of the mistakes and maximized the accuracy and speed of the user typing on the keyboard.

More Efficiency

Regular Keyboard



RGB lighting

RGB lighting RGB lighting is one feature that all users crave—it gives them a way to make their keyboards look just the way they want. With Enigmatica you get something more refined: fade-in-fade-out RGB LED Lighting. With this type of RGB lighting, you set the rules on intensity of the lights and when they go out. Our RGB LED’s fade in when you need your keyboard to illuminate, and gently fade out whenever you don’t need the distraction. This system is highly customizable and is far superior to the “3 levels of brightness” offerings populating the market.

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